Note: Now you can use the SEPCO BILL CALCULATOR and calculate your electricity bill with only the consumed unit.

Many People want to calculate their bills So the SEPCO online bill calculator is an amazing, free, and user-friendly tool. By using this tool you can calculate your estimated bill with only consumed units.

The amazing thing about this calculator is that you do not need to provide SEPCO Online Bill unit price.

If you want to calculate your Residential meter bill you can calculate through given below tool But if you have a commercial or industrial meter you need to use our Commercial or Industrial SEPCO Bill Calculator.


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Given below SEPCO electricity bill calculator in Pakistan is available. Calculate your SEPCO Bill Online.

SEPCO Bill Calculator

How to use the SEPCO Bill Calculator 2024

It is very easy and simple to use the SEPCO Bill Calculator. You just need to follow the given below procedure.
  1. First of all, check your consumed unit of the current month from your bill.
  2. Then put these units in the SEPCO BILL CALCULATOR.
  3. Press the Enter Button.
  4. Within a second your Bill is calculated and the Estimated amount of your bill with all taxes is shown on your Screen.

Peak Hours SEPCO

It is important to know about SEPCO peak hours So peak hours mean time that more traffic and use of electricity on SEPCO.
SEPCO recommends using less electricity in peak hours because it directly affects your Bill amount.

What is the formula for bill amount?

The formula for calculating the bill amount is Watts = (amps) x (volts) But after this bill calculator tool, you do not need any formula. From this tool, you can calculate your bill's estimated amount by providing only consumed unit details.

How do you calculate electricity meter reading?

By using this formula you can calculate the electricity meter reading Kilowatt-hours = (watts) x (usage) / 1000. 

How to calculate electricity?

By using SEPCO BILL CALCULATOR provided by you can calculate electricity and calculate estimated amount of bills.

SEPCO Unit Price 2023

SEPCO Unit Price for the 2023 and 2024 bills is given below.
Price (RS) Units
3.95 Up to 50
7.74 1 to 100
10.06 101 – 200
12.15 201 – 300
19.55 301 – 700
22.65 Above 700


Our SEPCO bill calculator is a useful, free, and user-friendly tool for calculating your bill with real-time data and all the taxes. With this tool, you can calculate your residential meter connection bill amount. You just need to consume units of your bill to calculate you are SEPCO bill. changes your life because you need to collect your bill and no need to any formula for Bill calculation. Because you can download your SEPCO online bill and calculate your bill easily.
If you want to calculate your bill must use this bill calculator.
If you have any questions about this calculator feel free and contact us from the Contact Us page. We must answer your question as soon as possible thanks for using this calculator.

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