Do you want the Wapda duplicate bill at home in just a few seconds? Many people in Pakistan want to check their SEPCO Bijli Bill Online So this website makes it easy and simple. From this website, you can check the due date and also print a duplicate copy of your WAPDA bill. On this website, you can calculate your bill easily.

From this website, you can check easily your bill in just a few seconds.

Many people are looking for the best bill estimator and they can use our Bill estimator You can say SEPCO bill calculator. That estimates your bill in just a few seconds 


This is an easy and user-friendly website that can help out all the consumers of Sukkur Electric Power Company, From this website they can check their bill, Download duplicate copies of the  Sukkur Electric Supply Company Online web Bill, and calculate their bills.

Those who want to check their bill without reference number So read about How to Check SEPCO Bill without Reference Number

Those people who want to check their Online Bill Check or Download a Duplicate Bill just need to put their 14 digit reference number or 10-digit customer ID in given below box. Press the enter button and your Duplicate bill download in just a second. Use our bill estimator tool. 

FPA In Electricity Bill

In 2018 Pakistani government added a new type of tax in the bill known as FPA. Basically, FPA is a type of TAX that every consumer pays. FPA stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. This tax is added to in bill every month and after 2 months. If you to more about FPA In Electricity Bill read What is FPA in the Electricity Bill 2024. I think so it is important for you to know about Fuel Price Adjustment.

How to Check SEPCO Duplicate Bill

To check the Online web Bill you just follow the given below steps. If you follow given below process you can easily Check your Sepco online duplicate bill.

  1. Enter your 14 digit reference number or 10-digit customer ID in the above toolbox. 
  2. Note: Put your Bill reference number without any space. Try to use the latest reference number of your Bill because sometimes old reference numbers have been revised. 
  3. If you do have not your bill reference number you can use10-digit customer ID.
  4. Click on the Enter button.
  5. Your bill duplicate copy was downloaded in just a second

How To Find Reference Number

Many consumers of  Sukkur Electric Supply Company face a problem: they can not find their reference number. If you want to find the reference number of your Wapda bill you just need to see the left upper corner or left bottom corner of the bill. For more information and news you can read our Blogs.

Usually, a 14 digit reference number is located at the upper or lower left corner of the bill.

The 14 digit reference number is represented with "R" with 14 digit number. Given the below image, you can see a practical example of the reference number of a WAPDA electricity bill.

SEPCO Online Bill - Checksepcobill

The reference number is necessary to check the web bill. If you have no idea where to find the reference number of your. Only see the image above this paragraph that shows about reference number.

How To Find Customer ID

Customer ID is another way to check and pay your bill online. It is specific for all users and it contains 10 digits. This is available at the top left corner of Bill.

From the old Wapda bill, you can easily find the customer ID of your bill. In the Below image, you can see the Consumer ID.


 If you want to calculate your Electric bill but have less knowledge about bill calculation So don't worry. Because on this website you have a tool that can help you to calculate your Wapda bill.

For calculating the electricity bill just click on the below link and put the consumed unit. Press the Enter button, Your bill is calculated in a single click. 



Sukkur Electric Power Company was established in 2010 in Sukkur Pakistan. It is a public limited company that can distribute electricity in Sukkur and surrounding areas of Sukkur. This is responsible for distributing electricity or bills to Larkana, Dadu, Jacobabad, Ghotki, Nnushero, Feroze, and Kamber Shahdadkot.

If you are seeking a reliable electricity provider service for Sukker or surrounding areas Sukker is the best option because it is reliable and operated under WAPDA.

 Sukkur Electric Supply Company is a leading or well-known electric power supply company in different areas of Sindh. It was established with the partition of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO).

I will recommend you to read about How to Easily Check SEPCO Bill Online.

When HESCO was divided into two parts a new electric power supply company came into the ground that started to provide electricity service in different areas of Sindh.

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How can I pay my Sepco electricity bill?

If you want to pay your Electricity Online Bill you need to select an online payment method. Some different popular online bill payment methods details given below.

  • Pay your Bill via EasyPasia
  • Pay your Bill via Jass Cash
  • Pay your Bill via a Bank Account 
By using these methods you can pay your electric bill online at home in just a single click.

Areas Under SEPCO

This is responsible for providing electricity in different areas of the Sindh or Balochistan province. Areas that are covered by Sukkur Electric Power Company are given below. If you live in one of them you can check your Bill from Areas Under  Sukkur Electric Supply Company are mentioned below.

City Name
Kamber Shahdadkot
Naushero Feroze

Sepco Electric Bill Notification via SMS:

This provides a service for its consumers which is Bill Notification via SMS. Sukkur Electric Power Company sends a notification of your bill to a registered mobile number via SMS when your bill is ready.
After receiving an SMS notification you can check your Bill Online from our website. 
Follow the Below procedure for Electric Bill Notification via SMS. 
  • Just type pitc<space>14 digit reference number and send it on Electric Bill Notification Number.
  • The official number is 8334.
  • After submitting your Bill notification via SMS. Your service is activated and our website is available at every time for checking the bill.

How to contact SEPCO (Complaints & Helpline) - Complaint Details

How to contact(Complaints & Helpline)
OrganizationSukkur Electric Power Company
AddressThermal Power Station Old Sukkur
Customer Service CenterRegional Customer Service Center Minara Road Sukkur

Bijli Bill PDF Download

 If you want to Electricity bill PDF download you can easily download it from this webpage. From this web page, you can view or download your Bijli bill. You can use our bill estimator to calculate your bill. 


Many factors make our website the best compared to other websites. Some major reasons are given below.

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These reasons make our portal different from other websites.


At this time everyone wants to check his online duplicate bill but they do not find his bill online. From you can check and use the Sepco bill calculator and bill amount free of cost and easily.
Our website aims to provide information and updates about electricity.
If you have any questions about this portal or any complaints feel free and contact us. Thanks for using our website.


How to check SEPCO online bill?

From our website, you can view or download your Sepco electricity bill using the reference number.

How to calculate SEPCO estimate bill?

By using our designed bill calculator you can calculate your bill.

How to get the previous month’s bill?

This website provides a feature that is to download your previous month's bill. From you can view or download the previous month’s bill.

What are the SEPCO peak hours?

The peak hours are 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm and this time Sepco recommends using less electricity.

How I download the sepco web bill?

From www, you can downlode your Duplicate web bill.

What does SEPCO stand for?

This is stands for Sukkur Electric Power CompanySukkur Electric Power Company

Can I Pay my Wapda Bill Online?

Yes, You can pay your Bill Online at home.