You can check your Hesco bill online from our website. This is a free website where all customers can easily check their Hesco Online bill. If you don't receive your Hesco bill then you can download a copy of your bill according to month and you can get a printout of this Hesco bill for payment, otherwise, you can online pay your bill with a 14-digit reference number or 10-digit consumer ID. 

HESCO Bill Online

Reference #

You can download your Hesco duplicate bill if you know about your 14-digit reference number. If you don't know about the reference number or consumer ID, you can see in your previous bills that you have at home. Using reference number you can get a Hesco duplicate bill.

HESCO Bill Online
HESCO Bill Online

Here are some steps you can check the HESCO bill onlineHesco online bill checking is very easy and simple. Some steps are given below to get Hesco online duplicate bill:

  • Visit our website for the Hesco bill online
  • Enter your Consumer ID or Reference Number. 
  • Click on check bill and after a few seconds you can see your complete bill on the screen and you can download Hesco online bills

About HESCO: 

HESCO stands for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company. HESCO is responsible for providing electricity in the Southern Region of Sindh, except Karachi. In Karachi K - Electric is responsible for providing electricity to the whole city. HESCO supplies electricity in the circle of 15 Divisions and 69 sub-divisions in the province of Sindh.

HESCO provides electricity in the districts of Hyderabad, Nawabshah, Laar, and Mirpurkhas. You can use our website for Hesco online bills.

Bill Information: 

On our website, you can quickly check and see the complete bill within a few seconds. If you know about your reference number or Consumer ID. On this website, you can see the amount of the bill, the due date, see the complete bill with all whole details and information, you can also check the meter reading, and check the amount to pay after the due date with an added surcharge. You can check whether your bill is paid or not, and you can see your previous bill records for 12 months with a paid amount.  

HESCO Peak Hours: 

HESCO recommends that consumers decrease their Consumption of electricity during peak hours, and it helps, you can decrease the amount of your bill and save your unit of electricity during these hours. 

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  • From April to October: 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM
  • From November to March: 6 PM to 10 PM

How to Check the HESCO Bill? 

How to Check the HESCO Bill
How to Check the HESCO Bill

If you want to hesco online bill check follow the given below steps:

  • Go to our website. 
  • Put Your reference number or consumer ID. 
  • You can see the latest bill of electricity with a due date. 
  • Now you will see your latest bill on the screen with the Hesco online bill date
  • Click on "see full bill" view the complete bill and download the bill. 

Taxes in HESCO Bill:

This is the lust of taxes that you commonly see on your Hesco bills.

  • Fuel Price Adjustment. 
  • Tariff Rationalization Surcharge
  • Financing Cost
  • Deferred Amount
  • QTR Tariff Adjustment / DMC


How do I download the Hesco bill? 

Visit our website and enter your you14-digit reference number and 10-digit consumer ID for checking the bill, and you can download the Hesco bill copy for free. 

What is the HESCO Complaint number?

Call 111_000_118 for any type of complaint in HESCO Headquarters. 

Can I check the old bill online? 

No, you can't check the old bill online. But you can contact HESCO Headquarters for information about old bill records. 

How do check if my bill is paid or not?

Yes, you can checwhether k your bill is paid or not, you can check your bank account, Easy Paisa, and Jazz cash. 

Can I check the Hesco bill without the reference number? 

No, you can't check your bill without the reference number. 

What is FPA in the HESCO meter bill? 

FPA stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. It can be toded in your bill on the base of fuel price fluctuations.