Check SEPCO bill online. Are you a consumer of SEPCO and Searching for the Latest SEPCO Duplicate Online Bill Check So you are at the right website. On our website, you can get a duplicate copy of your bill. You can easily use this website on both mobile and desktop. Using 14 digit reference number you can check your bill and get a duplicate bill. 
Area of Districts Covered
Sepco online bill check
Sepco online bill check
SEPCO is one of the good repetitive eclectic supply companies. This is responsible for distributing electricity in Sukkur and surrounding areas.


  • Sukkur
  • DADU

How to check SEPCO Bill?

Here are some steps that you can follow to check your Sepco online bill:
  • Visit our website. SEPCO ONLINE BILL
  • Enter your bill's 14-digit reference number
  • Press the 'Check Bill' button
  • After a few seconds, your latest SEPCO bill shows on your screen
  • Click on ‘View Full Bill’ to see the Latest SEPCO Duplicate Online Bill Check

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SEPCO Online Bill Reference Number

The reference number is very important and vital information about your bill. The reference number is available on the left side. It contains 14 digits that are used to check and pay your bill online.


There are different types of TAXES OF  SEPCO Bill that sepco place in there bill are given below:

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FPA stands for Fuel Price Adjustment that is Reflects fuel cost changes. FPA adds to your bill after 2 months. You can pay this tax in your total bill.

TR Surcharge

TR Surchage is reflected as a Tariff Difference. Due to NEPRA traffic variation and GOP tariff variation, this tax adds to the SEPCO bill.

FC Surcharge

It is Debt Servicing and Supports debt payment tax.

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Deferred Amount

 This tax adds to your bill because it allows flexible payments

QTR Tariff Adj / DMC

This tax is added in the form of another traffic adjustment name as Quarterly tariff updates.

How to contact SEPCO 

Address: Thermal Power Station Old Sukkur
Telephone: 071-9310795
Telephone: 071-5621633
Fax: 071-5621633
Fax: 071-9310797

SEPCO Customer Service Center:

Address: Regional Customer Service Center Minara Road Sukkur
Telephone: 071-9310921
Fax: 071-9310917


How to check SEPCO online bill?

From our website, you can check the SEPCO Online Bill.

Can I check the bill by meter number?

  • Go to our website and put your meter number. 
  • Click on the Check Bill button
  • After a few seconds, your bill shows on your screen

How to get the previous month’s bill?

If you want to get your previous month's bill. You need to go to You can get the SEPCO bill from this website for the previous month.